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Decemeber 2015 Minutes

West Haven Community Council Minutes

December 1, 2015

West Haven Elementary Office Conference Room

Members in attendance:  Heather Neilson, Shelly Steoger, Michael Duckworth, Randon Reed, Amy Hird, Dani Franks, Darrin Heslop, Adam Thompson

Excused members: Sam Steoger, Kristi Humble, Katie Bideaux

  1. Welcome and call to order
  2. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes
  3. Looking at Student Data, Identify Needs

AP Scores

Significant gender gap – needs further analysis

Females outperformed males by large margins in Language Arts – across all grades

WHE results were well under district and state averages for both LA and Math – all grades.

Below district average in all categories except for 4th grade science.

Growth in every grade except 6th grade math.


DOK – Depth of Knowledge and Sage Testing.

Classrooms are focusing more on application of knowledge (DOK 2 and 3) versus DOK level 1 questions.


Math challenges – need greater focus on learning facts in 3rd grade.


Math Remediation Groups

Need to research remediation/break-out groups for Math. Children would be grouped and taught based on skill, allowing progression and fluid movement among groups based on specific skills and measured progress.


PLCs – continuing to receive positive feedback.

This time allows teachers to collaborate and discuss specific child and classroom needs. Teachers are enjoying being able to work as a team. Scheduling and logistics were challenging at the beginning of the year.


Send survey to teachers to determine whether PLCs are effective and should be funded to continue. Heather will put together a survey and deploy.


Teacher Observations

Consider marking ~$5000 to allow teachers to visit and observe other teachers in the district with objective to bring back ideas and best practices. Suggest holding debriefs following sessions to provide feedback and constructive criticism. Each teacher could be allotted 1 day to visit another classroom for observation.


Intervention Resource

Consider bringing in a resource for interventions – schedule would need to be arranged during the school day as many students requiring intervention are bused and eat breakfast in the morning.


Computer lab person

Propose adding another computer person for ~19.5 hours per week to provide additional computer lab time.

  1. Calendar / Timeline/ Additional Meetings and Times (Email additional agenda items to Sam)

Proposed SCC Meeting Schedule 2015-2016

January 5th:  PLC Survey Results, Adjustments, Vote on Plan

February 2nd : Final Plan / Signature Forms

March 1st : Meet only if needed

  1. Adjournment