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January 2016 Minutes

West Haven Community Council Minutes

January 5, 2016

West Haven Elementary Office Conference Room

Members in attendance:  Heather Neilson, Kristi Humble, Michael Duckworth, Adam Thompson, Darrin Heslop, Randon Reed, Amy Hird, Sam Steoger

Excused members: Shelly Steoger, Dani Franks, Katie Bideaux

1. Welcome

2. Review Teacher PLC Survey Data

              1. Overall results of survey are very positive
              2. Results of PLCs and whether or not they are beneficial on scale of 1-5; majority ranked 4 or 5. Minimal 3s & 2s.
              3. Overwhelming majority would like to see PLC time continue to be funded in 2016-17 school year.
              4. Majority of respondents would like community council to fund remediation time into the school day.
              5. ~75% of respondents would be interested in ‘sub-time’ to observe other teachers
              6. Expectations need to be set again with one grade that needs additional direction; needed to re-wind and gain buy-in from all participants.
              7. Focus has been math but in some cases there are opportunities to address other subjects, when time allows.
              8. Most teachers openly expressed how beneficial it is to have Heather attending (joins ~85% of the time)
              9. Requested projector in the conference room
              10. Adam Thompson checking into how Davis school district completed their Satellite PLC training and whether it is an option for our school/district.

3. Discussed Specific Needs, Goals and Implementation


4. Created rough draft of the 2016-17 plan

  1. Chromebook lease $3,000/year
  2. Computer and Arts Aide: $7,200 per aide. (Total: $14,400)
  3. Reading Aide: $15,200
  4. Additional Access Points $624.15/access point (ultimately requires 1 access point per classroom – WHE is about halfway there)
  5. Statebill 222 – may allocate funding to provide access points and ongoing annual support. http://le.utah.gov/~2015/bills/static/SB0222.html
  6. Substitute teachers to cover sickness and to allow teachers to leave their classrooms to observe their colleagues
  7. Moby Max $599.00
  8. Additional Computer Aide: $7,200




Heather will revise budget and send out more final numbers to review.

Additional items for budget consideration

  • Projector in the conference room
  • Insufficient headsets for chrome books – not critical (currently have 2 carts of chrome books, 1 set of headsets)
  • Next Meeting

February 2: Adjustments, Vote on Plan, Finalize Plan, Signature Forms (Kristi taking notes)

March 1: Meet only if needed