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February 2016 Minutes

West Haven Community Council Minutes
February 2, 2016
West Haven Elementary Office Conference Room

Members in attendance: Heather Neilson, Michael Duckworth, Adam Thompson, Amy Hird, Dani Franks, Kristi Humble,
Guest: Betsy Holden, WHE reading specialist

Excused members: Shelly Steoger, Sam Steoger, Katie Bideaux, Randon Reed, Darin Heslop

1. Welcome

2. Betsy Holden, West Haven Elementary Reading Specialist provided information on why reading goals are set at one half % above last year.
a. A graph was provided showing overall percentage of West Haven Students at or above benchmark reading levels, by grade, with data from Beginning of Year and Middle of Year for 2014/2015 and 2015/2016,
b. Because the state has changed the standards for which students will appear as” at benchmark” (previously those approaching benchmark were included in the results), fewer students meet the target, this necessitated a conservative goal for the next school year.
c. State goal for improvement .0086, West Haven Elementary goal half a percent.
d. At West Haven Elementary we are seeing growth at all levels; students at benchmark as well as those well below.
e. Students in grades K - 3rd work with the reading specialist, while 4th – 6th receive weekly tutoring through the STAR reading program.
f. The Language Arts Goal for 2016 / 2017 is that 84.5% of students will be reading at benchmark by the end of the year.

3. Heather discussed Math goals and how they will be kept the same. Teachers are working on common assessments as well as using Moby Max to chart students’ progress. Documents for each grade will be kept in binders in the PLC room.

4. PLC (Professional Learning Community) process is changing as teams recognize the need for different areas of focus and realize some plans need to be revised to be more realistic. Teachers were finding that their class was not ready for the assessments when they had planned them.

5. Current estimated distribution in 2016 / 2017 is $5000 below estimated budget.
a. It was decided to use this excess for a general technology fund.
We discussed using $2000* of this for substitute teachers in the event that the art or computer paraprofessional needs a sick or vacation day. This will also cover substitutes to allow time for observation and collaboration.
i. *As this $2000 had already been included in the estimated distribution in 2016/2017 we will still have $5000 for the general technology fund.
b. Heather noted that a projector for PLC room would cost $1600 and headsets were $14.00 each.
6. Estimated Distribution in 2016/2017
a. Salaries and Employee Benefits
i. Reading Specialist $15,200
ii. Art paraprofessional (for PLC time) $7.200
iii. Computer paraprofessional (for PLC time) $7.200
iv. Additional computer paraprofessional $7,200
1. This will allow time for remediation
b. Professional and Technical Services
i. Substitute teacher for sickness and teacher observation $2000
c. Equipment - Chromebook lease $3,000
d. Software – MobyMax $600
e. General Technology Fund $5000
7. Next Meeting
March 1: Final adjustments to plan