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November 2016 Minutes

West Haven Community Council Agenda

November 1, 2016

West Haven Elementary Office Conference Room

Attendees: Sophie PaulRon SmithBetsy Holden, Leslee ByingtonHeather Neilson, Darrin Heslop, Adam Thompson, Kristi Humble

  1. Welcome and Call to Order
  2. Digital Citizenship Presentation – Guest Presenter: Quinn

Technology Filtering

-        Internet safety and security

-        Parameters/firewalls

-        Allowed/blocked web content

-        Allowed/blocked social media for students staff

-        Child Internet protection act

-        Cyberbullying

Common Sense Digital Literacy Curriculum

Each grade has a unique unit w/ 5 complete lesson plans (approx. 30-45 minutes each) covering developmentally appropriate topics.

  1. Review of October Minutes  approved by Dani Franks and Adam Thompson 

Council members – please respond to minutes by approving and seconding the approval

Oct ‘16 meeting minutes approved

  1. Review of current plan

Two goals: Math and Reading

Lots of move-ins with language needs.

1 reading paraprofessional and considering adding another

PLC time – offered twice/week to teachers. Positive results, strong desire to continue.

Access points

Moby Max

  1. School Data
  2. Successes
  3. Improvements
  4. Budget

Increase access points (1 in every room) to support additional Chromebook/iPad lab. ~$625/access point. Currently only 2-3 access points per grade.

Sent 7 teachers to PLC conference. ~$5352 for 3 days last year. Would like to allocate funding to send another 7 teachers this year.  

Ideas and best practices are shared among teachers through Professional Learning days & Depth of Knowledge.

Faculty meeting – now based on professional development.

  1. Identifying the needs of West Haven Students
  2. Final Report for 2015-16

Reviewed previous budget

Used all but ~$700 from last years’ budget.

  1. Next meeting will be held on January 3, 2017