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January 2017 Minutes

West Haven Elementary

Community Council Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2017

5:00 PM

Attendees: Heather Neilson, Sophie Paul, Kristi Humble, Leslee Byington, Ron Smith, Dani Franks, Darrin Heslop, Betsy Holden, Amy Hird

  1. Welcome and Call to Order
  2. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes - approved
  3. Review of 2016-17 School Plan 

      Continue receiving positive feedback about PLCs.

      Significant improvement in areas tied to Paraprofessionals.

Keyboarding Results

-        All grades saw improvement in words per minute and accuracy between Sept and December.

Grade Sept WPM Sept Accuracy Dec WPM Dec Accuracy
3 5 90% 9 92%
4 8 92% 13 94%
5 13 93% 20 95%
6 19 94% 25 95%

Betsy will bring results of Pathways of Progress for each grade for the council to review. 3rd grade was at 74% improvement (typical of most grades – using last year’s data). 47.8% is the minimum expected improvement.

Would like to see shift from MobyMax to Student Learning Outcome (SLO) for math testing. Each grade has been asked to draft a goal, which we will review in council meeting. Looking to allow flexibility for teachers to utilize SLO tests to measure performance and improvement and tie goals to SLO, rather than MobyMax. Students are getting tied up on concepts that may not be directly associated with their current core curriculum.

  1. Report on current Land Trust spending
  2. Discuss the rough draft plan for the 2017-18 school year




At least 47.83% of K-6 grade students will make at least typical or greater than typical growth within the school year.


Assessed using Pathways of Progress. Dibels testing will be used to monitor progress and identify students at intensive, strategic, and benchmark levels.

      Action Plan:



Kindergarten: 80% of all regular education kindergarten students will learn to count to one hundred by tens, count on, write numbers from 0-20, and add and subtract numbers to ten by the end of the school year. 80% of regular education students will show growth on the WSD SLO exam.

First grade: 80% of all regular education students will learn to add and subtract numbers up to 20 with 80% accuracy by end of school year.

Second grade: 85% of all regular education students will learn to add and subtract numbers up to 20 with 95% accuracy using MobyMax Fact Master Program by end of the school year.

3rd-6th grade: 80% of all regular education students will be at grade level, or have progresses one grade level, in the MobyMax program.


MobyMax placement and Weber School District SLO tests will be given at the beginning, middle, and end of year to document student progress towards goals.

      Action Plan:

  1. Community Council Training Opportunities: 5th Annual Conference & Training of the Utah Association of School Community Councils (UASCC)
    1. Thursday, January 12, 2017, 4:00-8:00pm (Check in 3:30-4:00)
    2. Highland High School, 2166 S. 1700 E. SLC
    3. Participants will have opportunities to receive focused training and connect with council members   over a complimentary dinner. Register online: http://tinyurl.com/UASCC2017

7.      Next Meeting: Tuesday, Feb 7, 5pm