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November 2015 Agenda

Community Council Meeting Agenda

November 3, 2015

  1. Welcome
  2. Digital Citizenship Presentation
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Rules and Order of Procedure
  5. Roles and Responsibilities of Community Council
  6. Report on Progress of Current Plan
  7. Financial Update (Estimated Distribution)
  8. Looking at Student Data
  9. Compliance (Update Trust Lands Plan on School Website)
  10. Calendar / Timeline/ Additional Meetings and Times (are they working for everyone)    Proposed SCC Meeting Schedule 2015-2016
    1. November 3rd : Digital Citizenship Requirement, Looking at Student Data, Identify Needs
    2. December 1st: Discuss Needs, Goals and Implementation
    3. January 5th:  Adjustments, Vote on Plan
    4. February 2nd : Final Plan / Signature Forms
    5. March 1st
  11. Adjournment