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Meeting Minutes October 2017

West Haven Community Council Minutes

October 9, 2017

West Haven Elementary Office Conference Room


  1. Welcome and Call to Order (Lora)
    • Members present: Lora Buss, Leslee Byington, Ron Smith, Darrin Heslop, Laurie Innocenzi, Randon Reed, Betsy Holden, Kristi Hancock, Heather Neilson
  2. Review of October Minutes
    • The council voted 10 to 0 to bring an additional Chromebook cart to West Haven.
    • Lora Buss nominated herself to be Vice-Chair and Dani Franks seconded the nomination.   
  3. Common Sense Digital Literacy Curriculum – Lynn Raymond unable to come due to personal issue

*Postponed until future meeting (hopefully next month)

    • Each grade has a unique unit w/ 5 complete lesson plans (approx. 30-45 minutes each) covering developmentally appropriate topics.
      1. Teachers to finish by end of first quarter
  • Review of Progress Made In Implementing the New Plan
    • We are currently in the process of looking to hire another reading aide.
      1. 5 hours a day.
      2. Laurie Innocenzi filling in temporarily
      3. 4 applicants currently – will conduct interviews
    • Seven teachers attended the PLC Conference (once from each grade level).
      1. Kristi – teachers work together to identify individual student needs and implement interventions as needed; all teachers responsible for the learning of all students; need help looking at the data and helping all students be successful with all standards; we are focused on data and RTI (Response to Intervention)
      2. Our overall school grade level went down this year (from B to C) – we need to move students not meeting proficiency up to grade level; some struggling students need to be more involved with own goals and ownership of success/failure
      3. Example: 2nd grade Dibels – kids need own accountability for a grade level’s worth of growth; using data folders to help with this
      4. Grade level teachers meet in transition meetings at end of year with next year’s teachers to help students as progress from one grade to the next (as continuation from PLCs)
      5. Council members are welcome to attend PLC meetings anytime
    • Two teachers were trained as Professional Development Day trainers.
    • Educational textbooks were purchased and given to teachers.
      1. Visible Learning for Literacy – given to teachers to provide Professional Developent to teachers (Betsy Holden and Shannon Olson)
      2. John Hattie  - Meta-analysis on data to see which things make highest impact on student learning; deeper learning occurs under what circumstances to help our students gain a year’s worth of growth
  • Student accountability
  • Student ownership of goals
  • Transfer learning
  • Free agency of parents – detrimental to success of students; school professionals do what is possible in school day with small group and 1:1 instruction but there are limits
    • An additional Chromebook Lab was leased.   
      1. $3,254.51 (1st Year)  
      2. 2,049.51 (2nd, 3rd and 4th Year)
      3. 6th, 5th, 3rd opted for Chromebook carts - 4th is keeping iPads; remaining iPads will go to lower grades (giving them each 20)
    • Materials to support math instruction were purchased.
      1. $200 per grade level to help implement new math curriculum
      2. Cardstock, dry erase markers, etc. were purchased to help teachers with math
    • School-wide data – what would the Council like to see for next year’s data on which to base decisions
      1. Reading percentages/improvements
      2. Literacy progress – especially K-3 (3rd grade success linked to graduation rates) with prorgress monitoring (Randon)
      3. SAGE data
      4. PLCs – want to continue to fund in future
      5. Dibels.net – WSD has not submitted approval yet
  • MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) – District is taking accountability for any data breach
  • Grades 4-6 data unavailable to continue
  • Data stored in different places and scores are not appropriate for comparison
      1. Pathways of Progress – using for K-3 (approved)
  • Betsy having to create statistical report for scores by hand
  • Betsy has personal spreadsheet to interpret scores so teachers have some means of measurement


  • Field trip donations only allowed to be asked at beginning of school year – field trips limited by amount given in August; fundraiser money will go to field trips
  • Lora – look into Apex Fun Run fundraiser
    • Lego Robotics Club – sponsored by Boys/Girls Club to bring club here for K-3
    • Maker Space Success – Kindergarten students most creative so far (Tues, Weds, Thurs, from 9-3 in room 221)
    • Lora volunteered son Thomas (7th grade) to help with Robotics, if desired by teacher

Minutes Approved By Darin Heslop

Seconded by Lauri Innocenzi