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November Meeting Minutes 2017

West Haven Community Council Minutes

November 13, 2017

Welcome – Sophie Paul

Began: 5:00 p.m.

Adjourned: 6:15 p.m.


Sophie Paul

Laurie Innocenzi

Leslee Byington

Randon Reed

Kristi Hancock

Heather Neilson

Lora Buss

Betsy Holden

Ron Smith

Darrin Heslop

Dani Franks

Lynn Raymond (Tech Services, WSD)

Sharon Bolos (West Haven Mayor)

  1. Digital Citizenship Presentation
  • New data security laws in 2017
  • Student data – privacy and protection (2 prong approach)
  1. Schools protecting student data
  2.  Students’ privacy while online
  • $300 billion industry – selling K-12 student data (last year)
  • To date, 26 states have laws to secure student data so it can’t be sold
  • Newton – large learning system back east—gets 10 million pieces of student data per day (when students and parents are logging in; can track every move that students make/web browsing histories); sells that information to outside sources
  • July 2017 – news laws in Utah to prevent third party companies from selling data without permission from school districts
  • $90K worth last year – wanted that much to sign contract (because that’s what they made in the previous year) to not sell our students’ data
  • MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) – WSD has this with third parties to determine what they can/cannot do with our data
  • Common Sense Media – WSD uses this; 5-hour introduction for users (teachers give this to all of our students)
  • “Eyeboss filters” – filtered by grade and category; nothing comes into the school Wi-Fi that is not filtered (students have individual data plans that this does not affect, but all info coming through the school’s system is filtered)
  • Students signing into their school accounts are filtered through the same filters, even if they are at home and using the internet
  • Building administrator must release anything outside of the filters (i.e. YouTube), but that makes it available K-12, can’t just limit who sees it
  • Open DNS – filter server that anyone can use on the Internet to filter home internet traffic (you can set up categories to filter, free to anyone) *www.opendns.com
  • K9 Web Protection – free product for parents that you can install on computers at home
  • KidSafe – good utility for phones (monthly charge); can copy texts and have sent to you
  • NOT recommended – Norton (sends messages when using)
  • Routers often have filtering built-in – turn off all web traffic at a certain time at night, can often control it from your phone
  • WSD.net – Employees, click on Data Protection Vendor Status, it lists every third-party program and if they have been denied or approved and why
  1. Sharon Bolos – West Haven Mayor (Sidewalk/safety discussion)
  • City Council originally wanted to do sidewalk on south side of 4300 S all the way to 3500 W – cost was not conducive for benefits (based on number of walkers)
  • Want to try and reroute walkers to turn sooner and get most walkers off of 4300 S
  • 3875 W has sidewalks on both sides (mostly), so they want to complete the sidewalks on both sides of this road and get kids to take this route
  • Road impact fees – can only be spent on new construction that is needed because of impact of new homes
  1. Want to add a third lane at intersection of 4300 S and 3900 W
  2. 3900 W – kids who walk north from school; no sidewalk on west side across from City Hall; can use impact fees to place sidewalk on west side (kids are currently crossing at crosswalk, traveling north, going back across to west subdivision)
  • South side of school – Heather doesn’t want to change south side of street to drop off kids; leaving curbs red (can use law enforcement); education issue of dropping kids off properly
  • City Council meets this Wednesday – Mayor Bolos will present for approval
  • Already has approval for solar speed limit signs with camera light and can use if speeding becomes an issue on 4300 S
  • Flags to be placed on 3850 W for kids crossing 4300 S (crosswalk is clearly marked, but maybe we could add hashtags to help drivers see it)
  • 4100 S – narrow road, only a painted line to separate walkers/bikers from vehicles; how much traffic on this road? Is this an issue? (Heather hasn’t had any complaints about this area)
  • Mayor Bolos – been very helpful with our school’s issues; email her at the city if there are other concerns/issues (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  1. School Data Discussion – Heather and Betsy
  • Grades 3 through 6 data available
  • Results compared to district, also broken down by demographics
  1. Male data much lower than female
  2. Hispanic population lower scores
  • ELL aide – works through district funding, helps with reading (only sees kids once)
  • Dibels.net – Betsy had to collect/analyze data (583 students)
  1. Goal is to get as many students as possible to benchmark
  2. 6 groups of 4 in the morning (24 students) – divided into 2 different rooms and 6 people working with the groups; trying to get students extra help (4 days a week)
  3. 16 out of 28 taken in afternoon and helped, based on ability
  4. Students come and go as needed, based on progress/teacher referrals
  • Benchmark scores only taken 3 times a year – try to do progress monitoring but these results don’t tell us too much
  1. Small group instruction being used in the grades that have lower benchmark scores
  2. Some years, there are more rigorous testing measures, such as between 1st and 2nd
  3. Trends occur – each year has different data between cohorts; for example, 66% came into K at benchmark last year (compared to 40% this year)
  4. Next benchmark is January 5th – team does 1-6, Betsy does Kindergarten herself
  • SAGE scores down slightly from last year (37% ELA, 39% Math, 40% Science this year compared to 42% ELA, 43% Math, 48% Science in 2015-2016)
  • Missing data from grades 4-6 in Dibels must be entered manually when system is approved and back online again
  1. Financial Update
  • Roy Cone Initiative – funds provided teachers to go to PLC training; results in an excess in our budget
    • o Training for additional teachers – more PLC training for teachers outside the academic team
    • o Teachers requesting to observe colleagues in other schools
    • o RTI training – specific training (2 days on just RTI)
    • o 50% of our teachers have attended the PLC trainings
    • o Training provided again next year in SLC (usually only every other year)
    • o Grant paid for 4 teachers to go, but we had funds allocated already, so we could double the number of teachers who attend the trainings
  • o Academic teams will decide who else goes and which trainings they will attend (more specific breakout sessions available)

*Vote for additional funding to send more teachers to PLC trainings:

 Sophie Paul made the motion, Lora Buss seconded the motion.

 All approved.

  • Money for grade level supplies partially used
  • Aide salaries - $4000 already spent on reading aides (began end of Sept./beginning of Oct.), but not accurate, based on late start
  1. Miscellaneous
  • Randon read a VERY INTERESTING article that he will forward to council members J

Next meeting January 9, 2018 5:00 p.m.

Agenda items:

  1. Address the needs of subpopulations with lower reading scores
  • Heather will research and bring data of how other schools may be addressing these issues
  • Does behavior affect these results? Using office referrals is best method to track this.
  • Is this a recent decline, or have previous years shown the same discrepancy between male/female? (Heather will pull data for next time)
  1. Next year’s plan