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January Community Council Minutes 2018

West Haven Community Council Minutes

January 8, 2018


Began: 5:00

Adjourned: 5:47

Sophie Paul

Heather Neilson

Leslee Byington

Lora Buss

Randon Reed

Ron Smith

Kristi Hancock

Laurie Innocenzi

Betsy Holden

Darrin Heslop

Dani Franks




  1.  Welcome and Call to Order – Sophie Paul
  2.  Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes - Approval by Darrin, Dani seconded
  3.  Review of 2017-18 School Plan  
  4.  Report on current Trust Land spending
  5.  Discuss the rough draft plan for the 2018-19 school year
  6.  Future Meetings – Feb. 12th

March 12th

April 9th (if needed)



  • $14,852 of $50,775 budget used (second half of year will require more money spent)
  • Roy Cone grant larger than anticipated – PLC training money was reimbursed in full
  • Additional money to spend now (approx. $6398):
  1. Literacy Promise Conference in SLC
    • March 28-30 (one is school holiday—need teachers willing to go)
    • K-12
  2. DIBELS Analysis Training – free (would need to cover subs); Ogden, K-3
    • Could send a couple teachers from each grade K-3
    • Analyze your data and determine what you can learn from it
  3. Motion to support spending on above trainings by Sophie, Lora seconded
  4. Unanimous vote to spend money on trainings
  • Instructional equipment $4045 spent (over budget for projectors that had to be replaced)
  • PLCs – Data across subgroups inconsistent (Ron will look at raw data to determine if there’s a benefit to exploring this)
  • SAGE portal test report – compares schools and rates Growth and Proficiency results
  1. Growth means closing the achievement gap – students are moving in the right trajectory (even though they may not be proficient)
  2. Proficiency is performing at expected level
  3. Liberty School in Murray – demographics very similar to ours (97% match); 405 students, Title 1 (may be the difference in funding)
  1. Action Plan: PLCs – parapros to cover teachers, substitutes, additional professionals hired to cover larger class sizes, leadership team meetings with stipends provided, fine arts teacher, parent nights, etc.
  2. Targeted training – how does this look?
  3. Intervention pieces – what are they providing?
  4. Possible field trip to see what they’re doing exactly? Heather will call principal and see if this would be beneficial (leave some money fluid for this)
  • Leadership team meeting – half hour each week; mission, vision, commitments, etc. (but insufficient time to analyze too many issues)
  • Coaching model – hire another parapro to free up Betsy to coach teachers on reading interventions (districtwide new reading program to be implemented for fall 2018 that is better correlated to Core)
    1. Betsy’s time more valuable to train teachers rather than working with small groups
  1. 5.5 hour reading parapro would cost $13,750
  • Next year’s costs for sure:

$6000 Chromebooks

$50775 to support PLCs, Reading program

*Non-negotiable: reading support, PLC time

  • PLC conference hopefully coming here – want to send teachers again in the future
    • Possible – split cost with another school to bring keynote trainers here to train all teachers at both schools (support to sustain PLC process - *change wording to include this)
  • Possibly add 3 hour Reading Aide
  • Roy Cone – Heather will verify amounts for this next year by next meeting
  • PLC process – working on a team to pull a targeted SMART goal to help narrow focus
  • We have reserve money allocated for technology maintenance
  • Tech Services (WSD) must make all purchases (higher costs=support from district)
    • Grant – could possibly apply for grants to cover costs of technology (complicated process)
  • Title 1 – How close are we? What constitutes a Title 1 school?
  • Diagnostic assessments – We need to analyze the data piece to determine whether what we are doing is making a difference or not.
    • Is there a piece that we are missing?
    • Differences in RTI?
    • Are we teaching to the standards and testing accordingly? (Does this correlate to our scores?)
    • RTI – watching data, is our assessment rigorous enough? What instruction do we need to change? Was the question wrong? Did we not teach the right concepts? Could be an organization issue... (first grade example on Math test)
  • CRTs to SAGE change greatly affected type of instruction
  • What are others doing to target interventions? Diagnose issues? Treat the problems?
  • We know how to present the standards, but then what?
  • We are not seeing the outcomes that we hope for, so what do we need to do differently?