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September 2017 Meeting Minutes

Community Council Meeting

September 19, 2017

5:00 PM

  • Welcome and introduction

  • Review of Rules of Order and Procedure

  • Voting for Secretary, Chair or Chair and Co-Chair.

  • WSD Bond meeting on Friday, September 22nd at 3:30 PM.    The Superintendent will be providing information on the upcoming bond.

  • Review of 2017-18 School Plan

    • Goal #1

      • 47.86% of West Haven Elementary students will demonstrate typical, above typical or well above typical growth as measured by the Pathways of Progress program.

    • Goal #2

      • By the end of the 2017-18 school year, eighty percent of regular education students in grades K-6 will earn a proficient score on the Math SLO test.

    • Total expenditures expected based on the plan is $64,276

    • Review of expenditures

  • School LAND Trust Annual Training with Paula Plant

    • Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 9:30-11:00 AM.  This meeting is for the Principal and Community Council Chair.   It will be held at the District Office in the Board Rooms. 

  • Future meetings:

o   October 10

o   November 14

o   January 9

o   February 13

o   March 13

o   April 10 (if needed)


Sophie Paul, Parent (Chair)

Randon Reed, Parent

Betsy Holden, Teacher

Lora Jean Buss, Parent

Laurie Innocenzi, Parent

Darrin Heslop, Parent

Ron Smith, Parent

Leslee Byington, Parent (Secretary)

Danielle Franks, Teacher

Kristi Hancock, Assistant Principal

Heather Nielson, Principal

  • Switch meetings to Monday nights at 5 instead of Tuesdays

  • Sophie Paul nominated and received all 11 votes as Chair

  • Leslee Byington was nominated and received all 11 votes as Secretary

  • Bond meeting information

  • Pathways of Progress - DIBELS

    • Compares students amount of progress (Typical, Above, Well Above) 64% of students made typical or above typical growth. Goal was 47.86%.

    • Discussed goal that was set at the end of last year (based on state numbers).  Now that we know we are above that number, we will look at a higher goal.

    • Students who move from other schools.  Dibels scores following - Randon will ask the state about this.  

    • Additional reading aide brought in this school year. 2 aides now.

    • Reading teacher pushing in.  

  • Makerspace implementation.  Facilitators.  Art no longer a rotation  

  • Computer rotation - Aide with computer science degree

  • PLC Conference - assessing where we are, what to progress and implement

  • Hattie and Effect Size

  • Moving away from Moby Max to Benchmark test. 80% of Regular Ed students will be proficient on Math SLO.

  • Additional funding due to Roy Cone Project paying for 5 teachers attending PLC conference 600x5

    • What will we spend this on?

    • Amendment will need to be written

    • Chromebooks, PLC’s, priority

    • Find out teacher’s priority - Vote

    • How far out to actually get Chromebooks? - ask the district


Dibels, Sage, what other tests?  Benchmark testing

Eureka is the marketing piece - Engage New York is the program - 3rd grade proficiency jumped 16% after 2nd year.