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Community Council Minutes Feb 2018

West Haven Community Council Minutes

February 12, 2018

Began: 5:02

Adjourned: 5:55

Sophie Paul

Heather Neilson

Lora Buss

Randon Reed

Betsy Holden

Darrin Heslop


  1. 1. Welcome and Call to Order – Sophie Paul
  2. 2. Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes - Approval nominated by Sophie, Dani seconded
  3. 3. Review of 2017-18 School Plan  
  4. 4. Report on current Trust Land spending
  5. 5. Discuss the rough draft plan for the 2018-19 school year – Approval of draft plan nominated by Darrin, Randon seconded, six-member present voted to approve
  6. 6. Future Meetings – March 12th (if needed – plan due March 10th)

April 9th (if needed)


Review of 2017-2018 School Plan

  • Last piece of funding will go to aid salaries
  • 5% of the budget can be rolled over
  • If there is any left, rollover could be considered

Funding for next year’s plan

  • Heather presented a draft plan
  • Review of Reading Goal, currently 48.7%, which comes from the State and District
    • Betsy reported that the current percentage is 65.2%
    • The scores vary from year to year and we have always met the 48.7% goal and for the past two years have been in the low 60’s
    • Pathways of Progress gave a mid-year score for the first time
    • Some low-level readers are making well above typical progress
    • Determined that we would like to have a goal higher that the district and state recommendation
    • Decided to set goal of 58%, 10 % above the current recommendation
    • Aid salaries are $2600 per year with a 5% increase each year
  • Review of training budget proposal
    • 8 teachers/staff attended Dibels Training
    • Draft proposal includes broader language for PLC training which will allow for bringing training here instead of always sending people to conferences
    • Midland Elementary may want to participate and help pay for training
  • Review of proposal to fund SPIRE reading program
    • There are gaps in treasures reading curriculum to meet core standards.   Teachers are supplementing in their classrooms to fill those gaps.
    • Heather and Betsy went to Layton Elementary, which has similar demographics, and observed the reading program with kindergarten students
    • Layton Elementary is using a program called SPIRE for their Tier II reading students and are seeing very positive results
    • The SPIRE program is very scripted and goes from K-5 (current program utilizes different programs for different grades)
    • Cost to purchase would be $8000
      • $5000 one-time materials
      • $3000 training
    • We discussed that we would not have to eliminate anything from our budget to implement this as our budget has increased for next year

Review of request from community for SEM

  • This would be an enrichment program for students that are above benchmark and need to be challenged
  • Cost would be $2600 for 1 hour per day (roughly each grade for ½ hour per week
  • So far, research into grants requires affiliation with computer-based programs
  • District doesn’t currently offer funding for “gifted and talented” program, they want it incorporated into the regular classroom by dividing students by skill level
  • Committee decided not to fund this program
    • Determined that reading is a higher priority and if additional funding becomes available an additional reading aid will be hired
  • Will look at options for after-school clubs and keep searching for grants
    • Most likely will need to pay for individuals to run these programs
    • Could charge a small fee for these programs
    • PTA ran some programs in the past, but it was difficult to find volunteers
  • Some programs that are going to be started include:
    • Diana Farley is going to start teaching a coding class
    • Robotics club will be funded by a grant
  • Great success with Maker Space Program
    • Heather as been invited to a training in TX the first week of March due to the success of the program this year

Review of Math Goal

  • Duplication last year and keep at 80%

Review of Equipment Funding

  • Continue to pay for Chromebooks