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Our school

801-452-4960   |  4385 S. 3900 W. West Haven, UT 84401

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West Haven Community Council

February 11, 2019


Members in attendance:

Deana Davis

Dani Franks

Mandie Worton

Betsy Holden

Lora Buss

Sophie Paul


Meeting called to order at 5:05 pm

Meeting adjourned at 6:02 pm


  1. Review meeting minutes from last month
  • •Excess money in trust lands this year. Money is being used to send several people to a RTI conference in Salt Lake in April. Sending special ed teachers, one lower grade teacher, one older grade teacher, reading specialist and Deana.  
  • •Still looking at Project Lead the Way.  Making sure that the modules match up with the new science core before making a decision on purchasing it.
  • •Robotics is still being considered, possibly run it as a club.
  1.       B. Chromebooks
  • •Procedures are changing in the way chromebooks are being used in schools.They are wanting it to be 1 to 1. District is wanting every student, in every school to have 1 to 1 access by 2021?  (not positive on the year) There is a link on the district website where information regarding this can be found.
  • •Schools that are interested need to approach the district.  
  • •It would be about $25,000-$30,000 for our school to obtain chromebooks for each student.  Money would have to be taken from trust lands, which would take away 2 aide salaries.
  • • Council would rather keep aides working with kids than spend the money for 1 to 1 technology  since the Jr. High and High school are not there yet.
  • •Council would rather wait until the jr high and high school implement 1 to 1 before spending the money.  
  • •Council would also rather see the program Project Lead the Way in our school before having 1 to 1 technology.  
  1. C. Next year’s budget
  • •Trust Lands will be $73,872 for 2019-2020.This will be an increase of about $1500.
  • •Will most likely need to go to aide salaries as they increase each year.
  • •Someone asked about money from Roy Cone Grant , Deana explained the money from Roy Cone goes to the attendance aide salary, and Kindergarten boot camp.  
  • • Tara Parry the attendance aide calls parents and keeps track of absences,  
  • • Deana sent attendance letters for students that have missed 10 or more days.


  1. D. Review this years plan and the goals to see if it needs to change for next year
  • •Change goal 1 wording for next year to show 60% of students will show typical, above typical or well above typical on Dibels instead of 58%.
  • •Change the wording on goal 2 to say 80% of ALL students K-6 will show “growth” on the math SLO test instead of saying 80% will show proficiency.
  • •Money is being used from trustlands for chromebook labs and PLC aides which helps to support goal 2.


  1. E. Look at the Dibels data this year. How are we doing?   
  • •Betsy went over the Dibels data for this year.  At middle of the year, 60% of K-6 students for midyear are at typical growth, above typical or well above.  
  • •43% well above, 21% is at grade level, 11% is slightly below, 25% are well below grade level.   


  1. F. Next time
  • •Look at next year’s plan
  • •Vote on the plan


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