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Our school

801-452-4960   |  4385 S. 3900 W. West Haven, UT 84401

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West Haven Community Council Meeting

September 16, 2019 5:00 pm

WHE Conference room


  • Welcome and call to order
  • Review of Rules
  • Mandie Worton will serve as Chair for her second year
  • Lora Buss nominated as Co-Chair, nomination was seconded
  • Voting was unanimous (by all members present)
  • Betsy Holden nominated as Secretary, nomination was seconded
  • Voting was unanimous (by all members present)
  • Review of current year allocation, goals and expenditures
  • District Annual Trustland Training date
  • Teacher Student Success Act
    • Overview of where the money is coming from
    • Presentation of West Haven’s budget for the TSSA for the current school year
    • TSSA goals will align with Trustland goals
  • Targeted Support & Improvement
    • Overview of what this is and how school are identified
    • West Haven will outline a plan to identify struggling learners and provide support
  • West Haven is working toward the WSD Ascend program which focuses on personalized learning
    • Teachers are going through 11 weeks of training in preparation
    • Students 1st-6th grade will receive Chromebooks in January
    • TSSA funding and goals support this program
  • Future meeting dates presented

  • In attendance
    • Mandie Worton, Chair, Parent Member
    • Lora Buss, Co-Chair, Parent Member
    • Betsy Holden, Secretary, School Employee
    • Danielle Franks, School Employee
    • Sophie Paul, Parent Member
    • Kristi Hancock, Principal
  • Absent from meeting
    • Randon Reed, Parent Member
    • Kristen Ross, Parent Member

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