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Our school

801-452-4960   |  4385 S. 3900 W. West Haven, UT 84401

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Kristen Ross Kristi Hancock

Brandon Reed Betsy Holden

Sophie Paul Dani Franks


Meeting called to order 5:00 p.m.


Reviewed minutes from September 

Approval of minutes was motioned by Kristi, seconded by Kristen


Reviewed Rules and Procedures:

Final Report from last year due 10/20

New plan for following year due in March

Elections will be held within 30 days of the school year each Fall

Chair needs to conduct the meetings and meet with principal the week before the meeting

Will be done in the Fall through 2021  (consistent for four years)

Positions will be determined in September

Motion to accept by  Kristi, seconded by Sophie


Reviewed final spending report for funding


PLC process is at the point where the school needs to focus on RTI (Response to Intervention) process.  This is the- way to intervene when students are not getting a concept. The Leadership Team will spread information from the RTI Conference to the staff.


Pathways of Progress results from 2018-2019  were reviewed

West Haven Elementary received a Grant for $10,000 for intervention for Reading Horizons

TIS money as well



Math  data will be added to final report by the end of the week and the report will be shared


School Safety procedures and protocols follow  SRP -Safety Response Protocol- -Staff  was trained by a resource officer.

A lockdown is scheduled for December.

The school will practice a lockdown during recess


TSI- goes along with RTI and other things to improve- Targeted Support & Improvements

Resource working on alternative approaches- schedules, dividing resources, 

School wide teachers will identify the lowest students and mMore targeted interventions will be implemented.


Next meeting is scheduled for November 11


January 13th - meeting Lynn Raymond will present information on Computer training- filtering and safety


Other upcoming meetings:

Feb 10

March 09

April 13


Adjourn 5:49

Betsy Holden motioned adjourn

Kristi seconded 

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