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Meeting Minutes

November 2020 Minutes

Community Council

November 2, 2020



Present Absent

Kristi Hancock-p Dani Franks

Betsy Holden -p Kylbie Boswell

Cynthia Palmer-p Alexis Gabaldon

Kristen Ross-p

Sophie Paul-p

Randon Reed-p


Motion by Kristi Hancock to start the meeting, Kristen Ross seconded the motion 5:00 p.m.


Motion to approve minutes by Randon Reed, Kristi Hancock seconded


Final report from previous year’s plan- cannot actually access until January due to Covid 19.

Kristi shared this year’s numbers and discussed the categories and amounts.


TSSA- hasn’t been a lot of expenditures yet, most goes toward salaries and first paycheck wasn’t until October

Largest expenditures- supplies- Infini-D Lab and Reading Horizons software

Also used Panarama- which is under the goal of social & emotional learning- gave assessments to all 3rd-6th- attributes such as grit, perseverance were touched upon, as well as supports in terms of  staff & peers

Another chunk will be for Chromebooks- about $30,000

Had some carryover due to soft closure ($29,000)



Spent even less, majority was once again on salaries for aides and PLC teachers, which didn’t start until October payroll

More Chromebooks expenditures- about $8000

Mr. Reed  asked if it would be possible to add more staff with some of extra money, The school Student Advocate also ended up being paid by Roy Cone so that may be other additional money

We can look to identify where are the school needs and we can examine where we can use some of the extra money


Concerns with Covid, Learning Options- feedback:

Cynthia- positive things, everyone doing best they can

Randon- kids young enough to adapt, it’s a way of life

Kristen- asked about school supplied masks going home to be washed- some do break, getting lost.

The fear of handing out masks to the same kids all the time was mentioned but it doesn’t really seem to be an issue.

Very few students are resistant to masks

Recess- sometimes the masks break

Cynthia-  questioned whether the  earlier out schedule would be continued and Kristi stated she believed it would be continuing at least through 2nd period and probably through 3rd quarter.

Randon- question about positives- 2 students and 1 staff- many advantages of keeping the students together.  Teachers and students reminded periodically of ways to reduce risks

Betsy Holden made a motion adjourn at 5:30 p.m., Kristen Ross seconded.  Meeting was adjourned.