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Meeting Minutes

October 2022 Minutes

Community Council Minutes

October 19, 2022

In Attendance:

Katie Barton

Dani Franks

Dianna Spatig

Emily Okerlund

Kristen Ross

Deputy Campbell

Noah Tramposh

Laura MIller

Melissa Huffman

Diana Farley

Kristi Hancock

Mary Jo WIlliams

Chris Olsen

Amanda Hopkin

Lane FIndlay

Jessica Bradley

Kristi Hancock called the meeting to order at 4:04.

Kristen Ross motioned to approve the September minutes, and Jessica Bradley seconded the motion. All were in favor.  

  • Dianna Spatig reviewed the school’s Positive Behavior Plan. (A portion of legislative funds are designated to support the positive behavior plan.) The Positive Behavior Plan addresses a variety of concerns. Currently, the school provides support and resources in the following areas:
    • Peer Pressure/Drug Use - Red Ribbon Week, October 24-28
    • Seeks to create a positive school climate & culture (Hawk Watch Activities)
    • The counselor teaches Step curriculum and provides social/emotional coaching 
    • Mental health specialist is available to work through trauma
    • Calm boxes are in every classroom throughout the school
    • PTA supports family activities and events to create connections
    • Career Day/Week for 6th Week
    • The district has provided funding to create the Hawk Nest/Zen Den - area for students to practice coping skills and take a break when needed
    • This is the second year for the Leader in Me program which teaches students to be proactive and develop leadership skills. 
  • Starting soon… Parent Mental Health letters & Hydroponics area for which Mrs. Tingey obtained a grant.

  • Kristi Hancock then began the 4400 Solution-Focused Safety Discussion
    • Current concerns involve double parking, parking on the south side of the street, and children crossing the street, which is a safety concern.
    • Previous actions included PTA putting up a banner, and promoting safe procedures during green ribbon week. 
    • It was pointed out that the school is only required to provide coverage for the designated drop-off area at the front of the school, so staffing is limited.
    • Reviewed changes to the front of the school made six years ago, including signage, directional traffic in the parking lot and repainting, staffing the crosswalk, and educating parents on safe procedures.
    • Suggestions made by those present included:
      • Painting the curb red by the main gate entrance to allow people to drop off only and not park 
      • Adding taller cones/signs to the no parking area
      • Enlisting the help of the Weber County Sheriff’s Department to help with enforcement for a short period of time
      • Creating an adult-supervised walking group to promote more students walking to the school to reduce the amount of drop-off traffic
      • Continuing to educate parents - should be less about protecting parent's feelings and more about student safety. Teach students to teach parents
      • Creating a sidewalk on the north side to allow better access to the school playground during the wetter seasons from the overflow parking lot - which led to an additional suggestion to create an asphalt walking path inside the field - a future PTA fundraiser suggestion 
      • Allowing students to walk through the building and then access the playground - most parents did not know this was an option. Some concern over behavior issues in the past was expressed

  • The action plan will be to paint the curb, continue to work with law enforcement, the ongoing education of parents, and get taller cones for the present time. Follow up at the next meeting.

Kristi motioned to adjourn the meeting at 5:17 p.m. which was seconded by Betsy.