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Meeting Minutes

September 2021 Minutes

Community Council

September 13, 2021

Office Conference Room


Kristi Hancock

Betsy Holden

Elsha Baldwin

Becky Dills


The meeting was called to order at  5:06 p.m


Kristi Hancock facilitated introductions for those attending, Kristi will confirm that others are still interested


Motion (made by Kristi Hancock)  was made to approve Randon Reed to replace Jacie Martin.

Seconded by Becky Dills.


Motion to appoint Betsy Holden and Dani Franks.  Seconded by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


chair- posts agenda one week prior to meeting.  The Co Chair completes those tasks if unable.

Kristi will approach people regarding the positions.

Kristi nominated Betsy Holden for Minutes Person/ Records


Viewed video - What’s New in the  School LAND Trust Program 2021-2022


School Land Trust trainings held this year by the state:

Members will receive monthly newsletters 

YouTube videos will be updated

Live trainings- these will be either held in person or online virtually

In person workshops


Oct 1. Membership form submitted, members should be listed on the school contact page along with contact information for those members

March 1- Final Report Due 

May 15- plan due to website


Rules of Order & Procedure must be posted on the Community Council site on the school page. 

The Community Council should update the Rules and Procedures as needed, and the rules/procedures  should be reviewed once a year to ensure up to date.


Appropriate expenditures should focus on an Appropriate Academic Areas- student centered

First consideration- Mathematics, Science, and English/Language Arts

Create goal for those academic areas

The plan should identify where students are academically, where do we want them to go and how will we get them there and what resources are needed.  The goals should focus on 


The Goal


Action Steps


Expenditures should be aligned  to action steps


Went over Rules and Procedures protocols


Next meeting we will prepare timeline for the year

Will offer virtual option to increase attendance

It was decided to leave the number of  parents on the committee to 6, and document if can’t maintain that number.


The positions of the Community Council were discussed.  The Chair conducts the meeting, and makes assignments.  The  Vice Chair steps in if the Chair is unable to attend.  A majority 

parents must vote.

Council member will verbally notify chair of any conflicts of interest to Chair/ Co-Chair


Will make a poster of when we need motions and voting


Kristi made a motion to accept Rules.  Seconded by Betsy Holden.

All voted to accept.


March minutes were approved.  

Becky Dills moved approved minutes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. seconded


Bond meeting will be held Thursday, September 16 at 7:45 a.m.

The bond will be for $279  million with no tax increase.  The proceeds will be used to fund a 

new high school, a new junior high, one new elementary school and one rebuild (Roosevelt Elementary). 


ESSER money- federal money to help students reduce/close the learning gaps created by the COVID pandemic.  

We will write a plan to target student learning needs


TSSA Plan- Teacher and Students Success Act

Have  about $65,000-$70,000 for TSSA and Trustland Plan


Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 5:54 by Becky Dills, and it was seconded by Kristi Hancock.


Discussed changing meeting time to 4:00 

Kristi will check about possible time conflicts with PTA

Next meeting Oct. 4th at 5:00