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Meeting Minutes

October 2021 Minutes

Community Council

October 4, 2021

Conference Room with Virtual Option


Kristi Hancock

Betsy Holden

Randon Reed- virtual

Sophie Paul

Dani Franks

Elsha Baldwin

Kristen Ross- virtual 

5:04 p.m.   Kristi  Hancock called the meeting to order and Kristen Ross seconded the motion.

Introductions of members were made.


Council member changes:  

Sophie inquired about inviting people.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.stated that school parents are welcome to attend.

There were several changes in membership that were discussed:

Colton Jorgenson’s and Alexis Gabaldon's positions are now considered vacant and the Community Council will try to replace those members.


Kristen Ross nominated Sophie Paul to be Community Council Chairperson.   Randon Reed seconded the motion.  The chairperson will prepare the agenda and run the meeting.  


Sophie Paul nominated Kristen Ross as Co-chair and Dani Franks seconded the motion.


Sophie motioned to approve the September minutes Kristi seconded the motion.


Kristi Hancock shared information about the timeline for the Council business:


Trustlands dates:

The timeline for the availability of online applications are listed here. 

  • January 15  – Final Reports available for entry
    • Council Signature Forms available to collect signatures
  • February 4 - Final Report due
  • February 9 – Upcoming School Plan entry on website opens
  • March 9 - Weber District due date for plans to be entered on Trustland site 
  • March 11 - Weber District review of new plans  
  • March 18 - Any identified corrections/changes made and plans resubmitted
  • April 20 - Your 2022-23 plan should be posted on your school's websit

West Haven Elementary’s Positive Behavior Plan must also be reviewed by the Community Council- many of the behaviors outlined in the plan are already taking place.  Information regarding the plan will be presented at the November meeting


The internet safety information will be presented in the January Community Council meeting.


ESSER II plan information was discussed:

This money given to schools is intended to be purposed to close learning gaps.

It is one time money, and is not renewable.  Schools have two years to spend the funds.


Focus areas are Reading and Math:


Using EOY Acadience Reading Plans

Targeted interventions in the area of Reading Instruction include:

  • Increasing aide time to support Tier 1 instruction
  • Sub pay to help teachers improve, allowing teachers to observe and consults with other teachers
  • Enable coaching of teachers
  • Possible stipends for teachers who help students outside contract hours


Math Focus Area 2

  • Improving student RISE performance
  • Math Acadience assessments were implemented for grades K-3 this year
  • Additional aide time during intervention
  • Coaching 
  • Stipends for teachers providing intervention outside contract hours


Motion to end the meeting was made by Randon Reed, and seconded by Kristi Hancock at 5:39 p.m.