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Meeting Minutes

November 2021 Minutes

Community Council

West Haven Elementary

November 1, 2021


In Person or Virtual



Kristi Hancock

Betsy Holden

Randon Reed

Sophie Paul

Elsha Baldwin

Kristen Ross

Emily Okerlund

Dianna Spatig

Tara Parry

Noah Tramposh

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. motioned to start the meeting at 5:06, Kristen Ross seconded the motion.


Members introduced themselves.

Tara Parry and  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. are here to discuss Social/ Emotional Learning.


Sophie motioned to approve the meeting minutes from October,  Kristen Ross seconded the motion.


House Bill 58 is a new part of the Community Council focus.   House Bill 58 deals with developing a Positive Behavior Plan.

The goal of this program is to address alcohol, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and other controlled substances.

 The focus is to support a pro social behavior plan.

Programs already in place include:

  •  Second Step, where the Counselor presents the curriculum to classrooms within the school
  • Red Ribbon Week- this program has shifted a little to focus on positive healthy habits and healthy family habits such as eating dinners and spending positive time together
  • Individual and group counseling session - a Mental Health Specialist has been added to address additional trauma needs
  • Bully & harassment prevention-there is a focus to talk about kindness- Unity Day had been recognized again this year
  • Calm Boxes- each classroom has focused on mindful behaviors and self calming strategies


West Haven is also adding new strategies to address mental health and these include:

  • Restorative Circles and Practices in classrooms- students and teachers discuss how to fix problems, or hurt relationships within the classroom and work to move forward
  • Teachers are using Relate Breaks, making connections- use circles to restore relationships and indicate to students that  their voice matters
  • Leader in Me-this is a schoolwide program and its implementation is being facilitated by the  Lighthouse Team
  • Hope Squad- suicide prevention awareness group- focusing on students needing help, needing friendship-looking to implement with some of Peer Leaders midyear and a Hope Week will probably be implemented at a future date


Other Positive Behavior strategies and activities include:

  • Peer Leaders
  • Arts Night
  • Fill the Sleigh
  • Career Days 6th Grade
  • Mental Health Screenings


West Haven is also building on:

  • Hawk Watch Activities-monthly activities- various activities based on number of tickets.  The program is designed to ensure every student is given the opportunity to participate.
  • Cultural Month emphasisHispanic Month, Native American Month- Diversity focus- everyone welcome
  • Breakfast Club Tuesday- Thursday in the morning to make new friends/feel included.  Some students are added in hopes of improving their attendance.

A new Fall Festival which will be held during school day will be implemented this year.   The focus is on areas of Utah’s heritage including native American, American West Heritage Center, hayride, make scones.  It will be a ½ day activity.


Other points of social and emotional support include

  • PTA- Halloween Fun Run
  • Newsletters translated to Spanish
  • Mental Health information presented once a month


Will review midway through the year.  Panorama has surveys indicating risk factors. The survey will tell us where students are.


There is a school-wide focus to combat peer pressure and build positive relationships


Additional information will probably be posted on the school website at some point


Jan 6- next meeting- Safety focus


Mental Health

Peer Pressure

Creating Positive Relationships


Next meeting Jan 3

Safety and quick rundown 

Adjourn motion by Betsy Holden, Becky Dills at 5:41