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Meeting Minutes

February 2022 Minutes

Community Council
February 7, 2022
Live and Virtual

Kristi Hancock Sophie Paul
Emily Okerlund Kristen Ross
Betsy Holden Dani Franks
Noah Tramposh

Betsy Holden called the meeting to order at 5:03 p.m. The motion was seconded by Kristi Hancock.

The minutes from the January 3rd, 2022 meeting were reviewed. A motion by Emily Okerlund was made to accept the minutes and Kristi Hancockseconded the motion.

Kristi Hancock submitted last year’s Trust land Plan. Money was spent as allocated by the Council. $4, 714 from last year was carried over to this year. Kristi shared and informed members that the plan could be found on the state website. She then discussed elements of the plan.

Mid-year Pathways of Progress results from Reading were presented. This year’s math goal was also discussed. This year the goal for math was on track for goal., about 97% of students have demonstrated growth.

This year's Reading goal is that 60% of students will make typical or above typical growth for reading. Currently, about 55% have accomplished this. A discussion was centered around whether the goal is really realistic. Concern was expressed that perhaps it is hard for our highest students to demonstrate growth.

The current goal was that 80% of students will demonstrate growth in math. Last year 99% of students achieved that goal. There was discussion as to whether that goal should be increased. The Council agreed that the goal should both push students and yet be obtainable. Maybe 95%. It has been hard because other than the Weber School District SLO, teachers don’t really have a measure such as Acadience. Concern was expressed as to whether the Acadience Math assessment is really assessing Essential Learning Targets. Teachers this year were given the option of selecting from the District SLO or using Acadience. The suggestion was made to watch Acadience to watch the growth. Even if Acadience isn’t perfect, it will show growth.

The plan should basically be written by the next meeting.

Kristi Hancock made a motion to end the meeting, Dani Franks seconded the motion. The meeting concluded at 5:45 p.m.

The next meeting will be held on March 7th, 2022.